Uncompromising Personal Service

  • We are committed to the highest standard of orthodontic specialty care providing our patients with the best orthodontic treatments and services possible. We understand the complexity of your problem and we know how to deal with it using proven treatments. Every practice is unique, however, our goal is to be uniquely desirable to our patients. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have a beautiful balanced smile and a comfortable functional bite. We have created this website using photographs of our very own satisfied patients! They have all authorized us to use them to showcase our work and to educate others who may have similar problems.

Why Orthodontics?

While orthodontic treatment is an elective and usually cosmetic, it is not only beneficial to your oral health, but also to your self-esteem. A nice smile goes a long way, both physically and emotionally.
Physically, straight teeth and a healthy bite are easier to clean and maintain. Crooked and crowded teeth can produce tooth decay and gum disease which can lead to tooth loss and periodontal problems at a later age. A bad bite can contribute to abnormal wear of the teeth and even difficulty eating and speaking, which can lead to excess stress on gum tissue and jaw problems.
A nice smile exudes confidence and good self-esteem. Those who suffer from unattractive smiles often go through life hiding their smiles and feeling self-conscious.
While the use of stainless steel braces is the most common form of orthodontic treatment, Dr. Wall also offers ceramic braces. Click Here to learn more about the types of braces that we offer.